Wednesday, July 21, 2010



#1 Favorites
I always love to learn new things-- and I love to apply things to what I am already doing in the classroom. Some of my favorites that I think I will be able to assimilate in my classroom quickly and effortlessly would be-- glogster and voicethread (I just hate that it costs money!) Jing is something I think I will use as well as slideshare and i-touch!

I am a life-long learner-- and completing a process like this keeps me moving and learning. It did challenge me-- I am not a techy! But I did surprise myself with some of the things that I completed!

Unexpected outcomes or suprises
Well-- learning new things is always fun and it is always a surprise when I can actually use something. I am so looking forward to using many of these things in the classroom. I guess it surprised me that I already knew and used some of these things!

Improve program
You know-- I think that this format is sooooo great. I love that I can work on this in my own time and at my convenience! Really so much more helpful doing it this way!
I wish I had more time to assimilate this into my plans for the next year-- that would have to be my final step to making this perfect!


Digital Citizenship

This is such a huge part of what we should be doing. Kids, parents and teachers need to know appropriate digital citizenship much like knowing how to act in public! We all have gotten that e-mail or sent that e-mail that didn't get read in the manner in which it was sent--- that just scratches the surface of being digitally responsible! Students need to know how to decipher reliable sources, communicate appropriately and learn about consequences of cyber bullying. I don't think this is only for children....I think it would be great for everyone to get a little refresher course!


Second Life

Wow! I really didn't know much about this--and to be honest, I don't really care to know too much about it! I read about the educational applications, but I really don't see anything that I could use with my little one and living in a virtual world could be a big huge time waster! I played around with it and could see how older students could use this to explore certain things--but still a bit overwhelming and I could see some students getting lost in the unreality of it all.



Not something I would use with my children, but I do see some advantages. Slideshare allows access to powerpoint presentations from anywhere-- you can create, publish and share all kinds of projects. Good thing-- for students who are absent and need to catchup on presentations missed at school. I can see if a topic was divided and each group was to do one part-- through slideshare-- students could get all of the info from each of the groups. I could share my presentations for open house etc.... for parents who couldn't make it-- it might save me some time!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



This is a new one for me! I enjoyed trying it out and learning about all of the different things that I could do with them. I used Jing (took a while to get it on my computer!) Screencasts are great to explain ideas, draw feedback, collaborate on projects, sharing knowledge. I have made a book with just screenshots and voice over, but I did like the video type as well. I used Jing to make a video to show my students how to find things on the computer-- with little ones they are so very visual-- I think this process would be great for them. I also think it would be great for me to learn how to do things on the computer! Lots of the things that we have done have been done with the screencast technology. The link below is not hot-- I don't know why-- but it is a great video for my kids to learn how to get on kidpix-- I will use it at the beginning of the year!


TV Sources
I have used United Streaming in the classroom and had limited what I did to that single resource. This exercise has been great to learn about so many other resources that are even easier to use and more organized for my usage!
Blip-- I really didn't get it-- not easy to use or understand
Blinx--I found of plethora of how to videos that would be great for me to use in sequencing with my little kiddos! How to make a peanut butter sandwich....step one, step two....perfect for many of my lessons in math and language-- in just a different format that would help reach students in a different way.
PBS had a lot of things that were usable....but with a cost--so I nixed that!
I loved loved loved NEOK12--It was organized sooooo wonderfully with many different things all on one page-- vocabulary development, games, and other links that support the videos. I researched bugs-- (the kids love learning about the wierd things that they can do) The videos were great--(much like I used in United Streaming) but the links that were right there were even greater. I can see me using this resource quite a bit in my class and I am looking forward to it!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I-touch Apps
I have a few i touches at the house and have been able to goof around with them quite a bit. At the end of the school year I introduced touches to my prek class and they thought they were the coolest things ever. Surprisingly, with very little instruction the kids were able to navigate and accomplish many of the tasks I gave them. It was really amazing to see my 4 and 5 year olds so attentive!
There are so many educational apps-- almost too many to know well. But through sharing with other teachers, I have learned several apps that support other learning in the classroom. I touches can be used for logic, problem solving, as a tool and a tutor. The novelty and the ease of use helps make them attractive to use in the classroom. I am looking forward to using them even more this coming year! I know the kids will love it!